MyEEB1 - A centralised space for all your information

Created by students
For students

Since 2019

MyEEB1 application

This project is an attempt to create a personalised space where each student has access not only to information regarding his or her own personal profile, but also global information regarding the many services offered by the school. This information was spread across multiple websites and pages in the past, making it harder to find. We hope this user-friendly design matches the needs of the user. All functions can be found in the navigation bar above, keep in mind that you need an Office365 account to use them. We are currently still in develoment, so please bear with us! If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to report them back to us.

About the project:

- Head Developer: Laszlo Molnarfi (CdE President 2018-2019)
- Head Designer: Leo Florea

A big thanks to the CdE for their support and testing, and to Mr. Belien, to Mr. Goggins from the school administration for the cooperation.